Throughout our company’s 128 year history, we have continually evolved our beverage offerings, striving to provide the products our consumers want to meet the needs for every lifestyle and occasion. We are the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage company, with more than 500 beverage brands and 3,500 products in all.

Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most valuable brands, the company’s portfolio features 20 billion dollar brands, including Diet Coke®, Coke Zero®, Fanta®, Sprite®, Dasani®, Powerade®, Minute Maid® and Simply Orange®. Through the world’s largest beverage global distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of 1.9 billion servings a day.

In the U.S. and Canada, we offer more than 700 beverage options, including 150 low or no calorie drinks. We offer a wide range of sparkling soft drinks, water, juices, sports drinks, teas and energy drinks to help consumers make choices that meet their individual needs.