Coca-Cola bottling operations began in 1899 when Mr. Asa Candler sold the US bottling rights to Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee for $1. Chattanooga became the first city to bottle Coca-Cola under the contract. Today Coca-Cola Refreshments has bottling facilities in 46 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces. Coca-Cola Refreshments is proud of the thousands of amazing associates that deliver excellent customer service, and who operate vehicles, coolers, vending machines, beverage dispensers and more to ensure our product is always within an arm’s reach of desire.

With our deep resources comes corporate and personal responsibility. To that end, we strive to always live positively. We infuse sustainability into everything we do, thus continually creating a brighter future for our employees, our company, our communities and our world.

Whether it’s expanding our growing fleet of alternative fuel trucks, reducing water use in our facilities or funding active, healthy living programs in local communities — infusing sustainability guides our daily business decisions as we strive to make positive social, economic and environmental impact everywhere we operate. Having the resources to make a better world is an infinitely rewarding experience. As an employee at Coca-Cola Refreshments, you’ll have many opportunities to share in this experience and contribute to our ongoing progress.